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Belvoir Street Theatre Downstairs, Sydney


Produced by  Small Things Productions

in association with B-Sharp

Playwright  Vassily Sigarev 

Translation by  Sasha Dugdale 

Director  Lee Lewis

Set Design  Justin Nardella

Costume Design  Alice Babbage
Lighting  Luiz Pampolha

Sound Design  Stephan Gregory

AV Design  Andrew Wholley

'...artfully assisted by a suite of extraordinary designers...'  


'The stage is set out incredibly well: Dimas’ apartment is putrid and dirt filled, and you don’t know how the actors can get out backstage. Of course, they can’t, and the stage is full of actors asleep or high on something. Theres piles of furniure all around, so much that you can’t understand how it all got into the theatre in the first place. It’s a really cool layout, and the actors use the space really well.'


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